Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinderella for a day - or my visit to the Armour39 tour

Last Wednesday I spent the morning trying out the Armour39 heart rate monitor by Under Armour.

I have to admit that this Wednesday was one of the most fun opportunities that has come about as a result of this little blog. So this post is part 1/3 about that day. Part one is the Yay UnderAmour section.  The second part is the review of the Armour 39 Heart Rate Strap. The third will be about the cool place that hosted the event ... because yes it was that cool.

Friendship has benefits
I have a totally famous blogger friend named Christina who is kind enough to call me a fellow blogger. Which is factually true since I maintain this blog. But comparitively speaking she's much bigger and much more famous and all but she's front page of the newspaper, and get awards famous and and well my husband doesn't even read my blog. GASP!

Still, friendship has it's perks as she was invited to an Under Armour, Armour39 product release and she referred me as a fellow blogger.

Total Cuteness - for a day
Honesty first. I'm not known as a fashionista. When I get dressed for the day I plan for the last workout of the day. So if I swim in the morning and run at night I'll get up and put on my swimsuit and running stuff over that. I do make an effort to match but I don't always succeed and honestly if I'm getting dressed in the dark I consider it a major victory to have my shirt on right side out.

Since I'm being honest I have to admit this doesn't always happen. A few weeks ago I wore a Maratona di Roma shirt all day inside out until a fellow mom pointed it out at swim practice ... at 7 pm. Oops!

As part of this event they sent a full outfit head to toe. Majorly cute apparel. I got lots of compliments all day long which is always fun.

There was a photographer who took portraits and then documented the workout. Serious celebrity treatment. I loved it.

I am not automatically a fan of name-brand workout clothing and since I wear workout clothes practically all the time I can be finicky. But I'll say that the sizes of this clothing were true to size. It all fit. It's all technical fabric and it performed well during the workout.

I wasn't surprised by this as I'll admit that I have plenty of UnderArmour performance apparel (that I have purchased with my very  own cashola) in my closet. Including almost all of my cold weather gear and several pairs of running shorts.

So it turns out what I need is somebody to send me cute outfits for every day so that I can do my workouts and look cute. Volunteers? Anyone? Anyone?

In other news
We are 4 weeks from Ironman 70.3 Raleigh. I'm not totally sure I'm ready for that but we'll see. We did a training day in Clermont yesterday for some hills. It was humbling ... as hills always are. 
That's me at the bottom of this hill. This was either Scrubjay road or Buckhill road. Those are probably orange trees off to the side there because that's pretty much all we grow in central Florida which is where the hills are.
The drive home from Clermont was full of discussion about the logistics at Raleigh. This will be the first tri for all of us with 2 separate transitions. Also we ate rolos and twizzlers and complained about the lack of turn signal use with Florida drivers.
I did not make this meme but it's pretty funny.

Gratuitous photo of my cute kid
Isn't she beautiful? Whenever she has lipstick on she makes a different smile. Cracks me up. 
 In other kid news - not to be left out my son lost his soccer game despite playing very well. Sigh. That's how it goes. I took no photos of the game. You'll have to use your imagination.

Have a great day all.


  1. I love how you think I'm famous. I was SO CLOSE to believing you .. my ego would love it anyways. So glad you went, and were able to enjoy it, learn, get some cute clothes and an awesome workout. I feel very similarly. Are you going back to Fast Twitch? LMK if you do .... I have two Wolfpack teammates who go there, and granted they are elite triathletes but wow. I too was sore for days which probably means I am totally slacking on that kind of running drill training. xoxox

    1. I am a good 45 minutes from Fast Twitch so I'm not sure when or why I would go back even though I was super impressed by the facility.