Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Does anybody actually care what I ate because it's Wednesday?

First let me tell you a story. I hope it makes you smile. Anybody who has trained for an endurance race knows that there is a point where the bulk of time that the training uses up takes a toll on your home life. This happened to me Monday when I got into the shower and realized there were 7 mostly empty bottles of conditioner and no shampoo. So I had to shampoo with the kids watermelon shampoo. I tried to steal from the other bathrooms but no go. Only kid shampoo in the whole house. :-) Off to the store I went Tuesday.

Now back to the point.

I read several fitness blogs where the bloggers are kind enough to share what they eat on Wednesday. They call it WIAW.

First I'll admit it took me a while to figure out what those initials might mean but I did eventually figure it out.

Now I'm pretty sure nobody cares and for sure I know I'm not a health example. But I'm sharing anyway because I can. Although I must admit I think I did a pretty lame job of keeping track of it to be honest last Wednesday. And also my kids think I'm nuts for taking pictures of what I was eating.

starbucks coffee with half-n-half on the trainer. It's a slow warm up.
Scrambled eggs. Usually 2 or1 and some egg whites. My eggs come from Lake Meadows farm not the grocery store in case you're curious. I eat plenty of non-organic stuff but where I can I shop directly from farms. It's a huge pain and I've got no idea if it's worth it.
Not pictured I also had a peice of sourdough toast with butter. Yum.

zucchini soup ... it's a huge bowl don't think I'm a light eater or anything here. Also I had lemon water which you can see there. I'm pretty sure I ate more than this but I didn't write it down and I honestly don't remember now. 
snack or maybe part of lunch. These little buggers are delicious. My son loves them too although he doesn't want his friends to know that he eats peas. So, don't tell. 
Not pictured the 9-10 little chocolate chip cookies I ate with my kids at the Wayside smoothie hut. Wednesday is smoothie day for us and while I don't eat a smoothie usually my son leaves his cookies unattended for a few minutes and resistance is futile. They are not organic or healthy but they are delicious. Did I mention they are warm?

This was most likely a non-organic apple. Organic apples spoil in approximately 3 minutes in Miami so I only get them in the farm share. Otherwise I live dangerously and go ahead and eat conventional apples.  I know ... I'm a rebel. I also use full-strength bug spray ... a bit hypocritical I know but hey our mosquitoes are ridiculous here.
three scoops of this in my water during the run workout. Plus a few honey stingers gummies since it was before dinner.
Dinner was sushi from Myako near my house. My husband took the kids to evos after swimming because I was running and I forgot to ask him to pick me up a wrap so I was on my own. Unpictured because I was starving and I ate it all before I could even think of taking a picture. Salad, rainbow roll, and 6 peices of nigiri. There was most likely also a beer. I didn't write it down but I have trouble getting to sleep after a night run so I have found that it helps me to actually get to sleep.

So that's it. Not perfection. Not a single bite of chia seeds, tofu, quinoa porridge or hemp milk so my future as a fitness blogger is probably doubtful. Nonetheless it's what I ate last Wednesday. Actually I'm clearly a creature of habit because so far I'm on a duplicate path except no sourdough toast.

I think this is probably a one time only post although maybe I'll do it again closer to the Ironman because it's kind of amusing to see how much I eat then. It amazes my husband and he's a huge eater.

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