Monday, May 19, 2014

Learning from my mistakes - pre long run eating oopsies

There are 2 weeks to Raleigh 70.3.

I am pretty sure I need this shirt. But sleeveless and in a light breathable fabric please. Maybe not yellow although that goes with the whole banana thing.
I am ready to taper.

Every workout this week found me fatigued. I was still able to do each workout but I was tired. I jumped for joy when my Thursday swim was shortened due to lightening in the area. Plus I've put my heart rate strap somewhere and I cannot find it. Plus I need new goggles and swimsuits not to mention a super late birthday present for my brother and there simply has not been enough time. These are all signs I'm at full capacity.
total time 13h46min for the week

Perhaps I accidentally poisoned myself before the long run ... oops
My run Saturday was not good. I experienced (to speak in exercise code) "gastric distress."

Note: if you're not in the mood to read about this "distress" this is a good place to stop. But I promise it's not very gross. 
I suspected I was in trouble before I left the house. I woke up before the alarm with mild stomach cramps and the normal (again with the code) "routine" was anything but normal. I also didn't eat much of my oatmeal or coffee because I was a little (but not a lot) nauseated. But I kept thinking I would be okay ... it would pass. Sadly, for me it didn't.

I did finish the run. Slowly. And stopping at each and every bathroom along the way which is a good thing about this route that there are several. And while I have said in the past that I would never run again when I might be sick I was sweating the whole time so I was pretty confident that while I was uncomfortable I wasn't actually in much trouble.

If I had been carrying my phone I might have called for a ride at about 8 miles I think. This is the first time I've ever thought about not finishing a long run.

But I did actually feel mostly fine after I ate breakfast when I got home. 

Searching for the cause
I have been messing with my run nutrition but I ruled that out as the cause because symptoms hit me before I started my run.

So I did some thinking about what I ate the day before. I am normally very consistent with my pre long-run dinner but this week I did eat out the night before. This was totally because I didn't want to cook or clean. We tried a new restaurant Earl's in dadeland. It was good but know if you go there is no kids menu. Alas not a perfect fit for my crew as we travel with kids. I had fish with rice and steamed veggies. It was delicious. Initially, I suspected this as the culprit because it was the last thing I ate but now I think not.

Learning new huge words: Phytohaemagglutinin or simply Hemagglutinin
For lunch I had made pasta salad. I wish I had taken a picture but you'll have to live without.

For this pasta salad I had used beans that I myself had rehydrated. I soaked them for what seemed like forever but was really just overnight and I boiled them each for about 15 minutes. I did this because canned beans are pretty salty. Plus they are in a can and I try to be healthy where possible.  I used both garbanzo beans and red kidney beans.

So, I don't know if you knew this but undercooked beans can be toxic. Especially red kidney! Oops! I didn't know this before now but I did a google search for "beans and diarrhea" and I think I found my culprit.  You can read more about this particular issue here.

My symptoms totally match and I think actually I'm pretty lucky because I got a small dose. Apparently this can land you in the hospital. That would be a real drag.

I was about an hour short on the cooking time of both beans. Eeek! If you're curious there is a list on wiki for how long beans need to be cooked to be safe. Here.

So, I have now tossed the kidney beans, garbanzo beans and the whole leftovers of said yummy pasta salad. Seems wasteful but oh well.  I may go back to regular beans in the can from now on to be honest. I'll just rinse them before. Also to be honest one bag of dried beans makes a huge amount of beans.

As a side note: I think my search history must be pretty hysterical. Especially since I share the computer with my kids. From eating undercooked beans to how to draw a unicorn all in one place. It's good to keep those advertiser folks on their toes.

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