Monday, May 12, 2014

No workout Mother's Day update - Mothers Day politics and other nonsense

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there. I hope your day was filled with homemade artwork, burnt toast in bed prepared by little sticky hands and lots of hugs and kisses.

There was a 4 hour bike ride on the schedule ... but instead I had breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed group selfie. Yes that's my daughter pulling her brother's hair. Isn't she sweet? This was followed by tears. But it was actually a good breakfast in bed. We snuggle and they give me their gifts. I love these guys.
Yesterday was my best Mother's Day - yet. 
A few years ago I hated mothers day. It was an annoying day that seemed to have nothing to do with me and my motherhood and everything about dragging my very young kids to a super boring meal with my mother-in-law.
My step-son's birthday falls very close to mothers day. Of course, he spends that with his mom. But we did have cake the day before and he played tennis with his dad which sort of explains why he has on no shirt ... but not really. He's 20 ...  does that explain the no shirt? Nope. Okay well then moving on that's an oreo cheesecake ... yum!

I'm not sure if the lowest point in my mothers day history was when my husband and I actually had a huge fight because he bought me an iPad (which resulted in my daughter not wanting to give me her homemade gift for me) or the year my husband and daughter had the stomach flu and my mother in law invited herself over anyway so I got to clean up vomit, shop, cook her dinner and clean up said dinner on Mother's Day.

Jack let my balloon escape to the ceiling. So it will probably be there until August at which point it will sink down and scare the crap out of me in the middle of the night.
For the record I'm not ignoring my own mom in this post. She's pretty low maintenance with mothers day - these days which I appreciate. She did not invite herself over when we had the stomach flu and for that I am eternally thankful.

The best of intentions ... plan A. You can't really tell how windy it was. At this point we still thought we were going because they told us we were. The did mention that Penekamp had cancelled their trips so I wasn't sure what we were getting into and I was prepping the kids for an adventure.
Over the years I've had to put some guidelines together. I do not present these as suggestions for others just merely to show that some worked better than others.
  1. Kids are with their moms. We're a blended family and so it may seem obvious but for me it only made sense that my step-kids be with their mom with no pressure about the whole step-mom thing. It works for us.
  2. No sleepovers at grandmas the night before. I like to wake up in my own bed. Plus when the kids are babies my main gift is to have daddy up with the kids for an extra 30 minutes of rest which totally wasn't working at grandmas house. Well maybe it was for grandma ...
  3. No brunches. I hate crowded restaurants and my kids are still too young to actually "brunch" so this was a necessary change although it did end up that I ended up cooking and cleaning on several mothers days which while better than brunch wasn't always the best. 
  4. No gifts except from kids to mom's.
  5. Time is the best gift of all. I really want to have mother's day memories so I have tried to shift the day from brunch and wrapping paper to something fun that we do together. 
  6. It's just a day. It was a bummer when we had the stomach flu but stuff like that happens - it's just a day.
This year it turned out that my mother-in-law was out of town. So it was a little less complicated.

Lunch at Island Grill after we bailed on the snorkeling and were on our way to Theater of the Sea. We saw a little tiny crab in the water.
My kids and their homemade presents are the highlight of the morning. Then this year the activity was snorkeling! We were all very excited because we love snorkeling.
Pink bikinis all around. My daughter is pretty sure I have the funniest tan lines ever. I want her to be comfy in her body so I expose my funny tan lines, mama tiger strips (stretch marks) and jiggly belly for the world to see. She is all about the rabbit ears in the photos. Every single time :-)
rabbit ear revenge. This photo cracks me up. Can you see she's doing the ears to her brother and my husband made ears out of the fins. Comedy gold I'm telling you. We're getting ready to swim with dolphins. Insanely expensive, probably not the nicest thing to do to dolphins and yet ... totally awesome.

Except it was too windy (20 mph winds). When we got to the dock the snorkel boat captain told us that the morning boat half the people were seasick. Ewww.  He told the family in front of us that it was horrible. So we cancelled. On to plan B.
This is the lagoon at theater in the sea. We thought we'd get to snorkel here but that turned out to be dumb so Jackson just terrorized the fish for a while (along with the other boys present). The bottom was so rocky it was seriously painful to walk on the beach and there were silver fish that some guy was insisting were baracuda. In insisted that they weren't but there was no chance of Dylan swimming with whatever they were.

So new plan - Theater of the Sea.
giant florida lobster in the "lagoon" You can see the blue fish in the background that the kids chased around.

We had never been there but it was fun. We swam with the dolphins and had a great time. We actually did eat both lunch and dinner out since we went down to the keys but both were pretty casual low stress meals and I had a great day overall.
me swimming with a dolphin. Yes I do have a giant prominent forehead but more importantly this was really fun.  Do you see my smile?
So now my daughter has decided she wants to be a dolphin trainer. That's pretty fun actually. My son thinks we should go to the keys every weekend. He'll even give up his soccer games. I know isn't he the most generous 7 year old you know? (I'm kidding).

Being a mom is a gift in the way that every day is a gift. Sometimes it's hard to remember. This day was pretty great and I'm pretty lucky it fell on Mother's Day.

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