Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A little too much recovery this past week in the land of the giant mouse

Sometimes family time takes priority
At least every week somebody will ask me how I balance training with my family. This post might give you a clue. I have written about it before but here's an example of when the scale tips toward family time.

My husband is super supportive of my hobby but when he asked, "do you need to take your bike this weekend?" That was my clue that the correct answer was nope. Which was good because I had already decided that it being fathers day weekend and all this was a family weekend.

High-Ho, high-ho, please shoot me in the toe!
If there is some kind of genetic formula for loving all things "Disney" I am clearly missing that gene because I do not love all things Disney. I do like most of the movies but the theme parks are not my favorite places. I even like other theme parks ... just not the mousey ones. Don't even get me started on Epcot.

I know, I know everyone loves Disney ... except me. I spent Thursday -Sunday in the Orlando-Kissimmee area and it is just not my thing. We've had several "magical" princess moments when my daughter was princess-obsessed (ages 3-8) but overall I'd skip the whole place if I could.

Hello, my name is Amy and I don't like DisneyWorld. Helllooo Amy...
Seriously, my first draft of this post was filled with anti-Disney vitriol but I've removed a lot of it because it's not that entertaining and I understand that it's me ... not Disney.
We were there as a family because my daughter had a gymnastics competition at Wide World of Sports on Friday morning. Of course, that meant we "needed" to leave on Wednesday for the event. My husband loves Orlando, my kids love Orlando and all things Disney. So, I tolerate it for the greater good of the family.

Thursday we headed to Blizzard Beach. You didn't think I was actually going to go to the main parks in June did you. No way... it's June, in Florida. We had a great time and hit all the main rides before the afternoon monsoon hit. Then we headed over and registered our gymnast for her event the next day.

One of the many, many things that drives me nuts about all things Disney is the "illusion" of organization. There are Disney employees hovering everywhere. They appear super on top of things but in fact everything is just annoyingly not quite organized. For example at Wide World of Sports they host approximately a zillion events all the time. However, every time I've been there for a marathon or this gym competition nobody ever has any idea where anything might be happening. They stop you at the gate and politely ask you where you're going, "to register for the gymnastics competition," we say.

One might think the staff would be able to tell you where to go (since they are working the gate, hello!) or that there might be a sign ... nope. They smile and say, "So sorry I don't know let's ask these other Disney employees who also have no idea." 

It's just magical you're just supposed to know. Over time I've learned to just hang a minute and wait for somebody who looks like they are doing what you are and follow them blindly.
Not actually related to the parks but still pretty funny. The Disney channel is on at my house now every day. It's ridiculous.
In the good news front my daughter did very well in her gymnastics events. She got 2nd in her age group for her uneven bars routine.

That's the highest ranking she's ever gotten at an event so we were all beyond excited. Overall she got 8th overall. I had previously put on facebook - 9th but I have been corrected.

People watching ... my favorite past time
I got to spend some time waiting for my husband and kids to come out from a few rides. I don't love the fast slides - they hurt my back and it just isn't fun for me. So I skipped the fast slides at Aquatica. It is hysterical to watch adults come out of the fast water slides.  Kids come flying along barely fazed and pop up raring to do it again. Adults send up a huge spray of water, when they stand up they are frequently totally disoriented and in many cases (especially for women) trying desperately to make sure that their suit is still on. It's very entertaining to watch. I can only hope that I'm as entertaining to others when they watch me zooming out of the goofy slides.

Please somebody give me a vegetable without cheese
Interestingly Orlando seems to be the hub of all franchises. I can only hope for the sake of the locals that this is because we're close to the parks and don't know where the actual restaurants are. There is seriously an Olive Garden about every quarter mile. So we ate at Carrabas, Buffalo Wild Wings, Outback and BJ's for our dinners. We did also prepare some meals in our hotel which was good because even with that I was feeling seriously over salted by the end of this trip.

So, in between the water parks and eating poorly I did not get many workouts done. I did do one afternoon run which was after lunch (where in poor judgement I had a beer) and it was ... not pleasant. But it was done. I did another run when I got home Sunday. So two total days of rest and 2 mediocre runs. Meh. But tons of family time.

Now this coming weekend? It's for training. It's off to Clermont I go for riding the hills. I'm tired already sheesh.

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