Monday, June 9, 2014

For your own protection do NOT get between an Ironman (in training) and her food

I was up twice this week at 5 for early swim practice. Go me!

Thursday night I did a track workout with my friends who are both faster than me. Lots of 200s. So many 200s. Among us we discussed why are we doing 200 repeats when training for Ironman Chattanooga. I have no idea.
before the endless 200s. Okay fine it was 12 200s. Just 12.

Because I knew I would be working out during dinner time I made dinner early. Tacos. A family favorite. I browned the turkey meat (1.25 lbs fyi) and cut up all the stuff. Fed the kiddos and the husband and went for my workout.
also before. after I was too tired to remember how to take a photograph.

I said to my husband don't clean this up because I'll eat my tacos when I get home.

I left and ran my little heart out all the while looking forward to tacos at home. When I got home I was met with a pristine kitchen that my husband had cleaned. Sadly no tacos for me. He ate all the kids left over. All of it. Okay well yes there was left over chopped lettuce.

Clearly there was a miscommunication.
Let's be clear my kids are still small. The youngest only puts cheese in his tacos my daughter will put a dribble of meat in her tacos but mostly cheese. So he ate probably a pound of ground turkey and left me none. Seriously, I was bummed. Some might say pissed. Annoyed is another possible description of my attitude. And mostly hungry - I was very very hungry.

So I ate hot dogs. And was sad about that. I may have said not nice things to my husband. Who eats a pound of meat and thinks that's reasonable? Apparently him.

So this is me, yesterday in the gym. Yes I'm overdue for a hair appointment hence the ponytail totally a different color from the rest of my hair. Not a natural blonde. Nope. There are some back muscles peaking out there I think though ... right?

I love the silly pics with motivational sayings so I'm making my own starring me. :-) I am going to try to document my progress once a week so that we can see the change ... let's hope there is change to document, right?

In other news this was the first build week of Ironman Chattanooga training and it started 2 whole days after my Ironman Raleigh 70.3 race. I have been tired all week. And my body has been showing some signs of wear and tear.

I got a blister on my foot from my swim fins. Then on Saturday we did a 1 mile open water swim and my tri top totally chaffed the left side of my chest. My own fault because I did not put glide there. I do wonder why it only happened on one side. Because I do have some boundaries I did not photograph my chafing. I was tempted but resisted. Yes, you're welcome.

Newsflash - it's hot in Florida in the summer
Then on Sunday we did a 3 hour ride. Shift in training this was 3 hours riding time (it should always be that but I can take advantage if I'm honest). So, we were actually out there just over 4 hours (one flat, one mid-way stop and one other potty stop). I drank all my fluids which were 68 oz of infinit during the ride then extra fluid at the midway. Then I had 16 oz of water during the 40 minute transition run. I drank a 10 oz bottle of water on the drive home. I came home and immediately ate lunch including a glass of water.  Then I went to the shower and I hopped on the scale by chance before I got in. 3 lbs less than normal. Yikes. No wonder I felt crappy on the run.

It's summer in Florida time to up the fluids!

And this morning I overslept my morning masters swim class. Oops. I am still trying to figure out if I forgot to set the alarm or if I slept through it. Oh well there's tomorrow.


  1. I do see some muscles rippling out from under your shirt. Very pro looking.

    This was a very entertaining read, thanks!