Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ironman Chattanooga Training starts with an early splash

A side effect from all the early wake ups for Ironman Raleigh 70.3 over the weekend was that I was waking up early at home.

This was good because I had told myself and others that starting June 1st I was back to early swim group. If I swim in the early group I have 3 sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to get me ready for Ironman Chattanooga.

To make this change most likely I tried to rope my friend Nicole (also training for Ironman Chattanooga) into joining me. But one of her best friends turned 21 yesterday so there was no way she'd be up at 5. I know, she's a stinker, right?

Just like that, I was on my own.

My chances were 50/50 actually because I didn't pack my swim bag the night before. Also my husband gave me a glass of wine with dinner - because I was cranky and driving the family nuts. But, I did set my alarm for 5 am. Then I was up by myself at 4:40. I know. Who is this crazy lady living in my body. Still I could have rolled over and just drifted back to dream land. There were many possible excuses I could have used (I need a new suit, my goggles are tinted, the pool is crowded, it's dark and so on).

But there is nothing like the knowledge that I have a giant race (hello ... Ironman Chattanooga) in less than 20 weeks to motivate my lazy butt out of bed. It's true. So I got up and went. I was met with one, "oh, helloooo" from my friend Chris and another from my friend Andrew, "are you lost?" I know, these are funny guys. Humor is a challenge that early - for real. And lastly at the end of the set coach Andrew asked, "are you a morning fish now?" I don't make fun of him ... he's the coach.

My legs were super tired for the first few minutes but by the end they felt much better and I did my modified IM (with no butterfly) in 1:39 which I would have said was impossible actually so there's that good news.

Sadly the struggle with getting up for early practice isn't a one time deal so this round of self congratulations is sort of silly. But hopefully I'll keep it up. 16 weeks minus one week of vacation until Ironman Chattanooga.  I should be able to do that, right?

Ironman Chattanooga is in 17 weeks counting this week which really doesn't count so 16 weeks. I know that's nuts when did it get so close. AAACK! I'm not ready. But - I will be. No time for slacking. Better get started.

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