Monday, June 23, 2014

There's hills in them thar hills ... hills I tell you

I went to Clermont with my group to ride hills.

We don't have those here in Miami. Well we do. We have one. But you risk getting your bike stolen and/or being hit by a car if you go out to ride our one hill called Rickenbacker Causeway. You think I'm kidding but I'm not. Somebody I'm acquainted with had her 4th bike stolen out there this week. I know ... seriously 4th in the same spot. Yes, there's a lot wrong with that story. I'm just glad it didn't happen to me - moving on.

It rained of course when I headed out there. There was a ridiculous traffic jam on 95-north. Yes yes normal for everyday life in Miami in June. And then of course it was 99 for a high on Saturday. Fun times.

We did a 2 part ride with a run in the middle. This is at the break before the run and second ride. See still smiling. Apparently running fast in bike shorts causes chaffing. I didn't run very fast so it didn't happen to me. Ah the benefits of being slow, there are many. Okay so there are just few but this was definitely one. Total daily mileage day one 70 miles.
Restocking at Publix. Little Debbie is the title sponsor for Ironman Chattanooga. So I was checking out the options. I was also practicing my spokesperson posing - needs work and probably sequins and high heels. The Swiss Rolls look delicious but I made the mistake of looking at the ingredients ... they didn't come home in my shopping bag. Saving up to stock up at the race expo where I will not read the nutrition labels, I promise.
This should be a record cover. Remember records? Yes I'm old. The Sunday crew was much smaller and cooler. Okay I made the cooler part up myself. We did a much more relaxing ride on Sunday. 300 feet of climbing not 4000 feet. Easier much easier. Notice how my helmet matches my jersey? That was accidental. I am expressing my non conformity by not buying or wearing the new Giro helmet though for real. Also apparently my shorts were a little see through. EEEK embarrassing. They went in the trash today instead of the laundry. Daily total 30 miles and 1600 meters in the NTC pool which was a nice end to the weekend.
I told Tim I'd meet him at the pool at 5:30 am for early masters. I was fibbing. Because I live a life of luxury I instead slept in and went to the noon session. I shared the lane with somebody so much faster than me it was like an open water practice session - which is good and also funny.
And that was my weekend. Tah-dah!

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