Monday, July 28, 2014

2 months to Ironman Chattanooga ... am I ready?

A truly organized blogger would go back and look at how she felt 60 days before the last Ironman to compare. But who has time for that?

Am I ready?
Well I'm more ready today than I was on Friday. That's because Saturday was a 100 mile bike ride and Sunday was a 16 mile run.

To be honest I wasn't terribly ready for either of those things. But I did them.

The 100 mile bike
The 100 mile bike ride was tough. It was hot - really hot. And we rode pretty fast. My moving average was 18.6. That's not crazy fast but over 100 miles it's a lot faster than I've ever gone before. My average for other century rides has been (14.1 mph in France, 17mph in Clermont and 15.5 mph for another century last May). In other words this one was faster and it was tough.

These horses were at our first stop. Our first stop was after about 50 miles. At which point I took my shoes off because my toes hurt. My teammate had new shoes that were killing him so he took his shoes off too. Our coach looked at us and said, why is everyone taking their shoes off? We laughed and laughed. After 50 miles one-liners like that are pretty funny. Although after some food and sleep it doesn't seem quite as hysterical.
The big news was that I wore tri shorts for this ride. My couer shorts. Fast forward to the end of the ride - all my parts were totally fine. This is pretty exciting because my plan in Chattanooga is to wear the same pants the entire day. I know this is very exciting news for you guys to read. Beleive it or not I obsess about stuff like this for days before the race. In France I changed pants at each transition and you may not already know that it is not easy to get into spandex pants when you are wet from swimming or just sweaty. So this will make at least my first transition a few minutes faster which is good.

Can you see that I'm dripping wet in this photo? That's because at every given opportunity I was dousing myself with cold water to try not to melt.
This is my leg. Notice the rash. I took this photo to share with my dermatologist but I can also ask you guys what you think too. This happens after long rides. You can sort of see the line where my shorts end. I think it's heat rash but my fellow riders weren't so sure. They think it's from my sunscreen (blue lizard) which is possible too. Thoughts? It doesn't itch but it's sensitive so if I could not get it I'd be happy. Today it's mostly gone.

The long run
My legs were really tired after the ride. I kept thinking what on earth are my legs going to feel like tomorrow for the run? I just couldn't imagine it. And the first steps were pretty unpleasant. But actually when all was said and done my muscles felt better after the run than before I started. Interesting, eh?

The run the next day was really hot. We started very early and it was good to get a lot of it done in the dark because once the sun came up it was miserable. We were running on Key Biscayne so I took advantage of the showers every mile or so to rinse off to help keep cool.

During the 16 mile run I used only Infinit for fuel. I did have some chomps just in case but I didn't need them. But my stomach did get upset in the last half mile which was a bummer. This is almost exactly when my stomach revolted in the Rome marathon. So perhaps I just have a 16 mile stomach. That's a downer. But otherwise I felt pretty good. 2 sips every 6 minutes. It was easy. I think for the race I'll keep bottles with powder and mix on the go rather than carry heavy bottles. Just add water.

The "swim" 
I didn't swim over the weekend. After the run we "floated" in the bay to relax. But that's it. I did swim 3 times last week so hopefully I'm getting my rhythm back in swimming. Monday my swim was cut short by lightening (foreshadowing stay tuned), then Wednesday I got my lazy butt out of bed for early practice which is hardly ever rained out, then Friday I did noon practice for an hour.

This is a legit picture. They captured this alligator on hobie beach where I swam the very next day. I can't figure out how he got there because Alligators don't like salt water. So I'm thinking either he's a pet that was dumped or he got out from the seaquarium which is just a bit further up the beach. Either way he's not a great swim partner for sure.
This week is the last week before my masters team takes a vacation break. So for the next 2 weeks it will be creative open water swimming for me to get the yards in. 

And in other news
This morning I registered for Ironman Lake Placid 2015. Woot woot. For some reason I'm really drawn to this race.  I can't explain it because it's hilly, technical, cold and usually rainy. In fact this year the swim was cancelled mid-race for lightening. Eeek. That would be a little scary. Luckily nobody was hurt although there is apparently a lot of drama over the results. I actually wanted to sign up for it last year and didn't. So this year I did. 

Monday, July 21, 2014


I've clearly been absent from the blog.

No if's and's or butt's about it!  Somebody should tell my boss. Except I'm my own boss and I just write this for giggles.

The short and long story is that I've been on vacation.

First I had family visit. It was great. My kids spent time with half of a set of cousins and had a great time. There were some ear infections - that was a bummer.
we paddleboarded, splashed in the pool and watched movies. It was a great week.

Then we traveled to the Galapagos Islands for a family vacation with the other cousin. That was also great.
We hiked and snorkeled but organized training did not happen. I did a good job of putting it in the back of my mind during the vacation. Now it's front and center in my mind. EEEK!

Sadly, there wasn't a whole heck of a lot of training happening during these weeks. That's freaking me out a little bit. Oh who am I kidding a lot.
I did one solid run on Santa Cruz Island. Where I found this outside a t-shirt shop. I had to run back and get my phone to document it because it was so random to see. I went back later to try and figure out what it was all about. Turns out the guy who owns the store says he's the only Ironman in the Galapagos. Go figure. He did Ironman Louisville. Nice guy.

In true Ironman fashion I got back from vacation mid-day Thursday and hit the road Friday afternoon for a weekend of bike training in Clermont. Yes perfectly ridiculous. But I did it. Now it's time to get back in the pool and get some yards in because that's where my training is hurting the most.

And that's all she wrote.