Thursday, August 28, 2014

I blog therefore I Stitch Fix?

Not too long ago I was reading something or other on some blog or site or tweet and I read about Stitchfix.

News flash - I hate shopping!

Second news flash - I am not known for being well-dressed. Which is sometimes a downer. 

It was like I was reading about something too good to be true. Somebody shops for me? It comes in the mail? I can send it back if it's no good?

Actually at first I did think Stitch Fix might be a scam. But then I checked it with my girlies on Facebook and the fashionistas had heard of Stitch Fix so I decided to give it a go.

I literally signed up from a hotel room - on my phone. I had to wait a while till I got my first fix (they were backed up). 

When it came I was conflicted about what was inside. There were five things. One maxi-dress, 3 tops and one pair of black pants.

Okay so the black pants were an easy yes. I mean they fit and who doesn't need a few good pairs of black pants? Exactly-nobody. 

The three tops were all things I wouldn't have picked for myself. But then I thought to myself: well when left to myself I buy nothing and that clearly isn't working. I did this to have somebody pick for me. So, I consulted my live in fashionista (my 10-year old daughter).

She liked all three tops. So I decided to keep them and see what others thought.

The maxi-dress was rejected. I can't wear them without feeling like I look ridiculous and my daughter agreed. So it went back.

I've worn all three tops. They all got compliments. Then again people are shocked not to see me in running shorts probably. Interestingly, my least favorite gets the most compliments. Just further proof that I should not shop for myself. 

The top in the picture is my favorite. It's nice to have grown up clothes in my closet. So for now Stitch Fix works for me and I have something to wear to PTA meetings :-)

If you want to try Stitch Fix here is a referral link. Which is good for me - I get a credit and I think you get a discount.

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