Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It turns out I'm a pool snob ... and possibly a beach snob also

For these 2 weeks my regular pool  is closed. Its an annual 2-week break. No biggie. I've known about the break for weeks and had plenty of time to prepare.

My plan to maintain my swim volume was to instead do open water swims on Key Biscayne. But then they found a small Alligator on the beach last Saturday. And also there was a state-wide warning about the possibility of flesh eating bacteria in the salt water.
a photo so nice I share it twice

Clearly, a new plan was needed immediately.

Last Wednesday I asked the other masters what they were going to do and many of them were going to take a break. But some were going to swim at Ransom Everglades pool. So that was my new plan.
The Ransom Everglades pool. From the pool deck you can see Biscayne Bay ... it's pretty spectacular actually.

I have swum there before. It's a very nice pool, right on biscayne bay. It's further from my house and the masters workouts aren't coached which is why I don't choose it as my main pool but it's very nice.

I swam there on Friday and again today. And I have learned something about myself. Two things actually. One I much prefer to swim with others doing the same workout as me. I just have a ton of trouble motivating myself by myself. The workout might say 10x100 and on the third one I start thinking... well three is enough I can just go to the next thing.

And also it turns out I'm a bit of a pool snob.
See, while the Ransom pool is great. They don't have their coolers on. So the water is warm. Newsflash: in Miami in the summer the thermometer stays above 80 24-hours a day. So an outdoor pool gets to 85 or higher by this time of the summer. Not refreshing. The Gulliver pool runs coolers during the summer so the water is 78 all year long. Probably costs them a fortune which is why they charge so much for their masters club. And also why it turns out I'm happy to pay.

So I was literally only swimming for about 30 minutes on Friday before I was whining in my head about how flipping hot this pool was. I should mention it didn't seem to bother anybody else in the pool. I am apparently particularly wimpy about warm water.

So, today I had a big dose of HTFU in my head. Internal dialog: So what if it was hot I was going to do my workout. I should remind my faithful readers that I did in fact quit a gym (LA Fitness on Sunset because I hated their pool so much). So my pool snobbery is not so much of a surprise although I'm a little surprised by myself that I'm this snobby.

I got there on time. My buddy Benji met me there. That was a big help. My fellow swimming buddy Chris was also there. So things were good.

6x200 warmup fine. Then 3x500 pull. Okay I'll admit I wasn't excited about 500 pull. Booooring. But whatever, I felt fine. But midway through the first one I began to get nauseated. Blech.  I finally finished that one. The middle one took forever and then at the endish of that 500 I had a big break where I was pretty sure I was going to toss my cookies. But I didn't. Just a few burps. I know - gross and too much information. I did feel much better and I went on to finish the workout. Slowly with plenty of breaks to avoid the barfs. Not so encouraging since I'm scheduled to swim 2.4 miles in the Tennessee River in just 8 weeks or so.

Baby it's hot in here!
I climb out of the pool and the 80 degree air feels like it's 50 degrees. There may have been steam coming off my body. I'm totally overheated. I take my cap off and I'm already feeling much better. Of course, I'm also finished swimming so that helped too.

I had experienced this before inside in a pool at LA fitness so I am maybe prone to overheating in warm pools and I know that I don't function well overheated.

I wait a second to cool off more before I pick up my bag (fainting is embarrassing). Then, I walk over to get my stuff and I'm talking to my friend Chris (he's a much better swimmer than I am) and I mention that my stomach was super upset while swimming. And he says that can be from the hot water.

This is a huge relief to me. Because I am proceeding as if this is from lack of swim conditioning. And probably that's somewhat true because Chris is able to pound out a 5000 meter workout in a hot pool without puking while I can barely muscle through 3700 meters and I'm miserable. Also training buddy Benji did his workout without issue as well. But at least I'm not imagining it. At least there is hope :-) Perhaps I'm sensitive and delicate.

Happiness is wanting what you have
And also I look forward to getting back to my super wonderful cooled pool as soon as they reopen it and I promise to not complain (very much) when I jump into the cold water.
The Gulliver Prep pool. This is actually my kids practicing in the rain, not masters.

In other news, I did not swim in Key Biscayne this weekend. Instead I made my group go to South Beach.

The water on Tri-beach isn't the cleanest on a good day and I figure if a bacteria is going to grow ... well that's a good guess as for where. But South Beach - I think that's much better. It's right at the end of the island (Miami beach is on a barrier island) It's got a huge tidal flow and in my totally uneducated opinion I just think it's less likely to have bacteria. So we swam there. So far none of us have died.  As usual we all said, why don't we always swim here. So in addition to being a pool snob apparently I'm a beach snob as well. But I do feel lucky to have such a beautiful place so close to me all year long.

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