Monday, August 11, 2014

Wherever did I put those pre-Ironman nerves? Oh look, here they are now.

7 weeks to go ... 
There are some differences training for Ironman Chattanooga which is Ironman number two.

For the first one I think I was very anxious for about six months leading up to the race. And yes, that is practically the entire training time.

For Ironman Chattanooga I have been much calmer. Until right now. Last night I fell asleep and promptly woke back up from anxiety over the run course. A helpful fellow racer who had trained on the course posted this little graphic about the run course:

That's right. 1369 feet of climbing. That seemed to me like a ton of elevation in a marathon. To put it in perspective I had about 300 feet of elevation in the Rome marathon in March. That didn't feel hilly so I'm not surprised but it's just that I'm worried that I have nothing to compare this too - at all. As well as very little time to prepare.

Here's why this is catching me off guard. Take a look at the elevation according to the race director:

It says 700 feet. So half of what was measured by somebody going over the course.

This is, of course, why I avoid inaugural events. Except this one of course because I'm signed up for it.

So here's what has been going through my head since last night. Crappity Crap Crappity Crap.

I was thinking well I've done some hilly runs - Seattle and NY were hilly. But marathon sites don't seem to care as much about talking about the elevation gain as the Ironman site. So I couldn't find anything in my middle-of-the-night panicked search.  Then this morning I thought I'll check garmin and I did.

A few years ago I ran the NY Marathon -  in 2011 and it's considered a difficult course. So I went back and checked and lookee what I see. As a side note I could not figure out how to search in garmin connect by date ... so this took approximately, forever.

Yay! yippee! Good news I've done it before. I can probably do it again. I'm calmer now. For real, I am.

On the plus side I did just complete my biggest training weekend yet for this race maybe ever. Which included a 114 mile bike ride and an 18 mile run.

we had coconut water - from inside coconuts at Roberts at about mile 80 of the bike.
Now that run included only 200 feet of elevation gain (over and back on the KB bridge).
on top of the world ... or at least the KB Bridge.

So while I was feeling confident in my training up to about 4:00 pm yesterday when I saw this graphic and I began to feel stressed.

But now I'm feeling better.

Now if you need me, I'll be on the Key Biscayne Bridge doing repeats ... forever. Just kidding. Well sort of. Tune in next week for the next round of freakouts.

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