Monday, September 1, 2014

Embrace the Chaos - Ironman Peak Week Training - 4 weeks to go until Ironman Chattanooga

When I was a parent of a newborn I read some advice that helped: embrace the chaos. It works for me for Ironman Training.
There was sort of a bombshell dropped this week that our bike course is 4 miles too long. I am working hard to not obsess on that point. But obsessing is much easier than it looks so I'm sort of failing sometimes.

I'm in full chaos mode right now. Here's a small snapshot of what's going on in my life:
  • The guinea pigs are probably hungry because I forget to remind the kids to feed them. Also their cage is way overdue for a clean out. 
  • The only suncreen I can find is the almost empty bottle. (acutally I did find my sunscreens when packing my bike bag this weekend ... sweet victory! Now where did I put that bag of chomps?)
  • All birthday party presents for my kid's friends are gift cards.
  • Sadly, my nieces birthday gifts are sullenly sitting in the laundry room waiting to be mailed. 
  • We are eating sort of a lot of take-out food.
  • We were out of tissue paper for so long that my husband took it upon himself to  order cases of all paper products via I am was actually really pretty thrilled about this when they arrived.
  • My summer vacation pictures are 2/3 put in albums and just perpetually taking up 1/2 the dining room table until I can remember to order a third album.
  • The cars need washing but the idea of taking off the bike rack is simply too overwhelming so it hasn't been done. 
  • I took my son to swim practice Thursday but there was no practice that day for his level, doh!
  • Everyone, including me needs new swim goggles.
  • I'm in bed most nights before my kids. Everyone knows it and laughs about it and it's okay. 
So, it's not horrible.  In fact sometimes it's pretty funny and luckily my family is pretty supportive. Admittedly, my nieces would have preferred their presents on time.

So bring on the TAPER!!

This "weekend" was the last of the humongous training weekends. Saturday 16 mile run, Sunday 112 mile bike, and today 2 mile ows.

I was thinking this week how a marathon taper differs from an Ironman taper. When I taper for a marathon I very quickly get antsy about the race. But with an Ironman taper I'm just so unbelievably tired that for the first 10 days or so my only thought is Oh My Goodness I'm So Glad This Workout Isn't Longer. Luckily, I remember from last time that the first week of the taper isn't very much of a cut back. I remember saying last year, perhaps coach's definition of taper is different than mine as I slogged through I think an 85 mile bike ride. This year, I think I'm more prepared.

What's on my mind? Well, staying healthy and uninjured. One of my teammates took a tumble on the bike Sunday Morning and banged his shoulder. He's okay and I hope he's back to training as early as tomorrow. Another came back from a trip to Vegas with a "Go karting injury" we're pretty sure that "go-karting" is a code word but either way he's injured which stinks. This reminded me that this race is so long that the thing to focus on now is just to stay healthy to the starting line.

Planning and Packing. It's time to make a plan for packing and transition bags and stuff. There's plenty of time but it is actually time to get started with that stuff. 

Not obsessing about the course. It is what it is and I'm about as ready as I'm going to get. So, no point in worrying, right?

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