Monday, September 15, 2014

Holy crapola - 2 weeks from yesterday.

The word of the day is "anxiety" or "anxious".
I know, it's hilarious, right? Chihuahua's are pretty funny.

Two weeks from yesterday is the race.

In my mind I know I'm as ready as I'm going to get.

The hay is in the barn. It's a rural reference. If you don't get it you need to spend more time with farmers.

But that didn't stop the nerves from preventing my sleep last night. And today I have a whole buttload of butterflies in my belly.

Obsessing is the time consumer during taper

I know myself. I will choose random tidbits to obsess about during taper.

So this week I've chosen to obsess over my bike tires and my rear hydration cage.

I put new tires on the bike last week. Replacing Continental Attack/Force with Continental 4-season. I did not want these but the others were on back order. So the guy in the store said the difference is minimal. I'm sure on some level he's right and I rode yesterday and had a nice ride. But it is a lot more tire than I had before. Even I a girl can tell that. And the brand Continental describes the difference between them as a "significant increase in rolling resistance". And I don't really want any significant resistance that I can avoid.

So I've chosen to obsess on this and if I can find some Conti 4000s before I check the bike Friday then I'm going to change the tires again.  If not then not but this is apparently what I'm going to worry about this week. And that's all.

Regarding the rear hydration cage this is so random and silly that even though I can feel myself stressing about it - even I know it's not a big deal. But there is a chance that I have to remove my rear carbon hydration cages for transport on Tri Bike Transport. And then of course, I'll have to put it back on in Tennessee. This is not a big deal. And yet I had at least one dream about dropping the whole cage on the bike course during the race. Ahhh gotta love it. 

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