Friday, November 28, 2014

Space Coast Marathon Goals

Sunday I'm running the Space Coast Marathon.

It will be an experiment of sorts. When I signed up I thought I'd take my fitness from Ironman Chattanooga and spend a few weeks working on speed work and go try for a new marathon personal best. 

Buuuut, it hasn't quite worked out that way. I simply just didn't have the mental drive to stick with the training. So I've done about 85 percent of the training, exactly none of the speed work, and almost none of the cross training. 

I have also really enjoyed eating and drinking whatever I wanted including plenty of wine, beer and Halloween candy. I have a little layer of puff around my middle.

So, I have adjusted my goals. I'm going to do something I've never done before which is that I'm going to go out and run this marathon just to have fun the whole way. I'm not going to worry at all about my pace. I'm going to guess that it will be about 5 hours but we'll see. 

Also, as part of the Thanksgiving festivities I came into contact with a germ. And apparently my normal germ
avoidance talents failed and it penetrated my iron-exterior and I am sniffling today. I have been uber-hydrating and popping vitamin C so we'll see.0

I've always wanted to do this race. It's known as being a great event. So far it's been great. The check in took about 90 seconds in a local running store - the Running Zone.

Wish me luck!

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