Monday, December 15, 2014

How does a triathlete streak?

I am envious of streakers.

Go ahead let your dirty mind wander if you want but I mean athletic streakers.

What is a streaker? Somebody who does something every day for a long time.

There is a woman I found on facebook who has just about finished a year of swimming one mile every day. She posts every day 350/350 and it's a symmetry that I truly envy.

In Miami - Miami Beach to be specific we have a local streaker who runs 8 miles every day - he's called the Raven. He's a little odd and I actually don't want to be like him but it's something to be respected that he's done this for so many years.  He's going to hit 40 years of run streaking in 15 days. He has run through hurricanes and major life events.

On Slowtwitch they start today the annual 100/100 run streaking contest. I tried it last year but didn't come close to 100/100. I'm trying it again this year.

So this frustrates me greatly because I do exercise 6/7 days a week but yet I can't get any of these crazy streak things going for more than a few days.

But the reality is with 3 sports it's hard to say okay run every day. Because on the days when you swim 90 minutes ... well you're tired. It's a lame excuse. I know it even as I write it. Sheesh.

Do I just need to toughen up and commit to the streak?

Do you guys streak?

Is streaking stupid?

Does it count as a triathlete streak if we do one of the 3 every day?

I do love rest days. I do. I do. I do. In the end I think this is why my streaks fail. Or perhaps why the idea of streaking isn't really for me.

But I'm trying again for the 100/100. I don't actually intend to run 100 days in a row and this challenge acknowledges that which is why I'm trying again. I think 80 would be great. I hope actually to follow that with a swim streak that will take me into the 5k swim in April.

To start here we go I'm 1/1. I ran 3 miles today. Which also means ... I'm off the injured list. Mostly. My ankle is just a touch swollen still but I ran without pain. A little discomfort at almost 3 miles so I've got it elevated now. 

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