Friday, December 19, 2014

The first Friday Freakout

I have decided that Fridays are the day for ridiculous rants. Hopefully for your entertainment and not annoyance.

So here's the first Friday Freakout ( me ranting about first-world problems on a Friday.

Earlier this week my car decided that all of it's tires were suddenly low on air.

Warnings everywhere. Can't listen to the radio until I accept the sternly worded warning. 

All at once - all low. 

Of course, they aren't all low. Perhaps none of them are low. It's just annoying.

I think I would prefer if it didn't exist than having it work incorrectly.

If it was broken or didn't exist I would just have to track my own tire pressure. But no. As a lowly mortal, I need an automated sensor to detect if the pressure is low. Except the sensor doesn't actually do that. 

So annoying.

Rant over :-)

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