Monday, December 22, 2014

The reason for my divorce

First - I am not actually getting divorced.

My sister-in-law will be the first one to read this so I don't want to cause undue stress. It's bad for family relations.

But, if I was getting divorced it would be because my husband cannot follow my rule that he is not ever allowed to cook eggs in our stainless steel pans.
If you have metal pans you must have this in your cleaning arsenal. It is not organic, or kind to your manicure, or probably safe but it does clean the pans.

Part two of this rule is that if he breaks part one of this rule he has to clean it himself.

Part three of this rule is never ever ever cook eggs and cheese in a stainless steel pan because seriously it takes longer than forever to clean it. In fact, even my cleaning lady doesn't clean egg and cheese off the pans. She does most of it but then puts it back not fully clean which makes me super-de-duper cranky.

Let me be clear - it is possible to cook eggs in a stainless steel pan. But it's not really easy. You have to use plenty of oil, a very low cooking temp and a metal spatula. Even with that it's a hassle to clean. That's why we have 2 non-stick pans. I only use them for eggs because I am a little freaked out about eating the non-stick surface that does eventually wear off of all non-stick pans. My husband is a less freaked out about eating the non-stick surface but he goes with it. But if the non-stick pan is not on the top of the pan pile he grabs the next one and we have a history of this which is why I created the rules. Also his idea of a low cooking temp is 8 on the 10 point scale so ... well, there's that.
cooked egg hermetically sealed to the stainless steel pan. Such a pain. Such a colossal pain.

So imagine my surprise unloading the dishwasher to find a pan totally caked with egg. Because the only thing harder to clean than egg with cheese cooked in a stainless steel pan is that pan after it's been soaked and rebaked by the dishwasher.


But whatever we've been married a while. I put the barkeepers friend on the counter next to the pan and then told him he'd have to clean it. I also gave him instructions. Insert powder and a bit of water. Let soak and apply elbow grease. Lots of elbow grease. All of the photos are taken after his attempt to clean the pan.
Soaking said egg.

Then I went for my run and returned to find the results of his "attempt" which were not very successful.

Grrr. I will wait patiently and I will let him clean the pan himself and then  I may hide the stainless steal pans from him because that will be good for our marriage.

Training news
In other news. My run streak is actually on a 6 day run. So I'm pretty happy with that.

I have a tremendous amount of wrapping to do and perhaps only 2-3 more presents to get so that's very good.

Do you ever have cleaning disputes with your spouse? How do you resolve it.

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