Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Things you should buy - Amy's Gift List 2014

There are basically 2 ways to come up with a gift list. One is things you (the blogger) want. The other is things you (the blogger ... in this case me) have bought and loved.

I'm going with option 2. These are things I've bought in the last year that have worked out really well for me so you should probably try them too ... because I say so :-)

Swiftwick Socks.

Seriously these are the best. I have recommended them to all my friends and now we pretty much all have them. The have a little bit of compression which makes them even better than normal socks. I'm not sure why they are so great but they are just fabulous. I did wear through one in the toe area at first but being a good company they replaced them. And it hasn't happened again.

I bought my first pair at my local running store but they only carry the shorter ones. Plus they don't yet carry them at my local bike store. Yet. So I've ordered some online. They are expensive so look for a sale. 

Coeur Tri Shorts
I'm in the red top. That's my kit. And next to me is my friend Nicole who I converted to Couer shorts also.
These shorts are my new favorites and I just love them. There are pics of me in these shorts all over the blog. I now have two pairs. I wear them instead of bike shorts. I wore them all the way through Ironman Chattanooga and had zero issues. zero. Can't say enough good things about them. Their kits are also super cute. I'm a big fan.

Aquasphere goggles Kayenne K180.

These are a lower profile smaller goggle than the original Kayenne but they fit my face better and they work well in both the pool and open water. They are a little too expensive in my opinion but I buy them new before long races and then just wear them out. I get mine from sports authority but you can find these anywhere.

Swim Suit from Splish.com
To motivate myself to swim more I bought a funny swim suit from this place. It says all over "I will swim every day" It was worth it. The swim suit has lasted longer than any of my other speedos or uglies. I tend to be cheap with swim suits and go with things like dolfin uglies on sale but if you're looking for a fun splurge these are fun to have in your swimming drawer or bag or wherever you keep  your swim suits.

Vixen sports bra from Moving Comfort

This is my go to sports bra for triathlons and long run races. I'm not a chesty woman by any means but I cannot get by with a built in sports bra within a tri kit. Nope. not gonna happen.

So the vixen doesn't adjust - not on the shoulders or in back. It is what it is.  It has mesh on the sides and back so it dries super fast which is perfect for the swim. It is impossible to get off by yourself without looking like a crazy person wiggling out of a tight elastic chest strap. But it doesn't chaffe and I don't think about it at all during a race. I wore it in Ironman France and bought a new one before Ironman Chattanooga and I learned that my running store no longer carries them ... gasp! So I ordered it online.

So that's it. These are four things I actually use. No big secrets here. Although I'm pretty sure I've never blogged about my socks before. Socks are not usually too exciting. But there you have it. Happy shopping.

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