Monday, December 8, 2014

Verb: to chick. I chick, you chick, we chick, they chick, you've been chicked.

chicked the verb is a casual sporty saying whereby a guy is passed by a girl in a race.

It was a few years ago in a race where I first became of the chick'ed movement.

A very strong very powerful baddass female blew by me in a black swimsuit with the words "you've been chicked" written on her posterior.

I thought it was fun, entertaining and inspiring. I aspired to be like that girl as soon as possible. Fast and confident. Although years later I must admit completing an entire triathlon even a short one in only a swim suit baffles me. I would think the elastic would dig into my tush from the bike seat.
It takes talent to get an early morning picture of the back of your own shirt. Right? It does take talent doesn't it?
And there is a company out there that makes this gear.  Totally appropriately you can find them at .

Recently they were looking for bloggers to help them spread the word. I am happy to help.

They sent me a cute shirt which I wore for my run on Saturday morning. I ran 8 miles. The shirt performed very well. It was a humongeously humid morning and I was drenched in sweat instantly. The shirt worked flawlessly and several of my girl and guy running buddies enjoyed the slogan very much.

I have since washed the shirt and it held up well. So it's well made - the fit it is true and it handles well during exercise. It's a good product.  I will wear it again soon. I think it would be a lot of fun to have bike or tri apparel from

I love the little muscles.
Full disclosure they sent me this shirt for free in the hope I would write about it. They have another product called the Minne-skirt. They are from Minneapolis so I love that they spelled it like the city. It's a good thing they didn't send me that to review because I'm in the tropics and I have no use for a cool weather skirt. But for the rest of the planet that is going through winter you should go check it out. Check out the whole website in fact.

And they sent me a phone cover which I don't need (because I keep my phone ensconced in a lifeproof case because I'm around kids and water all day long and I'm spaz). So, I'd love to give it away.

FYI - It seems to me that this will go on an iPhone 5 (not 6) So if you'd like this cute little phone case - dohickey do me a favor and do one or some of the following things.  Head over to their Facebook page and give them a like - they would really appreciate it. If you happen to be a tweep (a person on twitter) go ahead and follow them on twitter @yougotchicked . They would appreciate that also.

If you'd like this phone case go ahead and tweet something like I'd love to get this cute case and include both me @bcamysaysso and then @yougotchicked.

This is my first giveaway so I'm unsure of what the response could be. Hopefully more than none. I'll end this little festivity on Wednesday the 10th of December 2014 in the morning and if there's more than one tweet I'll randomly choose one winner and send out this phone case - dohickey to that selected winner. I'll reach out to the winner on twitter and I'll update the post here in the comments with the fact that a winner was selected.

One catch - I'm only shipping this dohickey in the continental US. That's it. Like I said it's my first giveaway so that's the only catch I can think of.

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  1. Hey just popping in here to say that yes - there is a winner. Congrats!