Monday, January 12, 2015

From Resolutions to goals and including dreams - 2015 Here I come

To me resolutions are not the same as goals and goals are not the same as dreams. 

I like to set goals and I even more like to hit my goals. I'm also a believer in the power of simply writing your goals out and making them happen. I've shared this before but when I finished college I was asked to make a list of things I wanted to do in my life and by when. It was just a list. I found it right after I had my first child 2 days before I turned 30. I have actually done almost all of those things including have my first child before I was 30. (ooooh, creepy, eh?)

I think that the action of sitting down and figuring out specifically what your goal is and what it will take to make it happen is really helpful in getting it started. So, I plan to share my resolutions, goals and dreams here for strangers and all to read them. Today is just resolutions. I'll be honest that's in part because I don't want to announce half-thought out goals and that's what they are at the moment.

To me resolutions are behaviors I resolve to work on with no tangible end and they don't really need to be measurable. They are just things I think are important to do.

Here are some of my resolutions for 2015.

I resolve to not use my phone while I'm driving. It's a no brainer that this is an unsafe thing to do while driving and yet I admit I cheat on this. I will send a quick text or email while stopped at a light. Sometimes I'm not quite finished when the light changes and so I'll finish while moving. It's not good. My kids are 11 and 8. They call me out on this behavior when they see it and they are correct to do so. I resolve to keep my phone where I can't get it and make it a priority to stay off my phone while driving.

I resolve to learn more words in Spanish. This one is maybe actually a goal but this isn't a test so I can put it where I want :-) I have lived in Miami almost 20 years. I can flub my way through basic situations in Spanish. I joke that I speak housekeeper Spanish.  Honestly, it's a real asset to be able to actually communicate well in Spanish in Miami There's a lot that happens in and around this city in Spanish and the multicultural part of Miami is something I really enjoy but I'm not making the most of it.  I make my kids take after school Spanish and I'm going to start for myself.

I resolve to be humble and kind. I find that humility and kindness are hugely underrated and I really appreciate people who practice both of these character traits when I'm around. So I'm going to try to work on being humble and kind this year. 

I resolve to do some serious soul searching about what I want to do with my life. It's a transitional year at our house and I feel like I might need to make some changes. I have frequent thoughts that I might be happier if I had a job. My husband and I are having lots of rounds of circular non-productive conversations about this topic. He's very supportive and he really likes that I'm home with our kids. But for me  I just need to spend some time really thinking about what I want in the future so that I can work towards that ... whatever it might be.

Next up: Goals for 2015. 

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