Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm in love ... with my Nathan handheld water bottle - product review

My previous water bottle was the Amphipod handheld.

You might remember that this bottle so annoyed me during the Rome Marathon that at mile 24ish I threw it to the side of the road. I gleefully threw it to the side.
The Amphipod water bottle. Love the color - hate the leaks.

But then I bought the same bottle again because it was the only option offered at my favorite running store. I'm really going to have to talk to them about this now that I've found a better option.

I was constantly annoyed with the fact that no matter what I did ... it leaked.  Leaking is (in my opinion) really not an acceptable characteristic for a water bottle. In fact I would say that holding the water in when desired is actually the only job a water bottle actually has.

I posted on twitter asking for recommendations I was referred to Amazon to buy a Nathan  Handheld Water bottle which I bought immediately online through my phone.

Thank you to the twitterverse for the help. 

It arrived and it was bigger than I expected. It's a 16 ounce bottle. But I tried it  and ... I'm in love.

It's superior water bottle technology. I don't know if they've got an exclusive on this top type but if not everyone should change to this in my opinion. Either way I'm very happy to have discovered the Nathan bottle.

There is a suction valve in there. Basically it's closed until you pull water through. It works really well.
What makes the Nathan handheld bottle superior? Well obviously this is just my opinion but these are the things I like:
even though the water bottle is bigger I've tightened the strap down so it's tight on my hand.
  • The hand strap is adjustable.
  • The bottle top does not need to be opened to drink or closed when finished.
  • The bottle fits in my hand even though it's bigger than my last bottle
  • It doesn't leak
  • It has reflective tape for visibility in low-light conditions.
16 ounces of hydration ... so far so good.
I actually might go ahead and order a smaller bottle. 16 ounces might be heavy in my hand. That's the biggest downer about handheld bottles is the weight of carrying those in your hand over 26 miles gets very heavy. But I prefer that weight to the rub of the belt around my middle.

I have to add that Amphipod did get wind of my dissatisfaction via twitter and they have contacted me to send a replacement bottle. They say that their bottles shouldn't leak. I agree ... they shouldn't.  Plenty of people use these and somebody did make the Amphipod suggestion on twitter too. So they get a 10/10 for customer service and I'll update this if when the replacement bottle arrives it is leak-free. It's definitely possible that I just have a bad bottle from them. Twice. Or user error. Also possible.

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