Friday, March 6, 2015

It's a rule ... if you blog you must stitchfix and then you must blog about your stitchfix

What is Stitch fix?

I'm sure you already know because you're reading a blog and all bloggers and blog readers know about stitch fix. But just in case. Stitch fix is a mail order personal shopper service.

I personally think it's pretty great. You sign up and every month (actually for me every other month) they send you 5 items and you try them on and if you like them you keep them and whatever you don't like you send back.

This is the first month where I'm keeping all 5 items.

When I opened the box I was pretty happy with the things and then my little fashionista (my 11-year old daughter) confirmed that they were all keepers.

My lovely daughter took this photo. Raccoon eyes are my new normal look. Black skinny jeans and green top that will be perfect for St. Paddy's day.
A cute blue and white printed dress that I happily wore to a tour of my daughters snazzy new middle-school. I also wore actual shoes and gave myself a ridiculous blister.

Cute little sleeveless top with a zipper in the back.

Me trying to keep a straight face while vamping for the selfie. This scarf is super cute. I would normally have sent it back because it rarely dips under 80F in Miami making scarves unnecessary but I'm taking a trip soon to a cool place and so hopefully this will help me keep my neck warm. I will say that I do feel sort of like I'm suffocating whenever I put it on so we'll see.

And there you have it. Fun stuff.

If you want to try stitch fix I recommend it. I am not a shopper and while I spend almost all my time in run apparel and shorts occasionally everyone wants a real outfit to wear to seem like a grownup. I find this is especially helpful when you have to go meet with a principal because your son's teacher is a moron and you want to be taken seriously.  No matter how serious I might on a certain topic I have learned that beurocrats write me off if I'm in spandex. They shouldn't but they do.

I digress. Here's a code to give me referral credit if you sign up.

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  1. Where are you going? Jeremy suggested Orlando as some place cooler than miami.